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The Greening of the Data Center Technology in Depth

As industry analysts and consultants, the Taneja Group has a single driving mission: to deliver hype-free, accurate, and responsible information about important issues impacting the server and storage industry. This is why we have turned our attention to the green data center, which we believe badly needs insight and clarity in the midst of marketing smokescreens and competing claims. This Technology in Depth represents Taneja Group's take on this important issue. We present the background of the energy crisis, explore important data center trends, and tell you how we believe the industry should respond to a real problem and a real opportunity.

Publish date: 08/01/07

Global data deduplication explained

It’s no question that data deduplication is one the hottest technologies in data storage today. But even as organizations are benefitting from deduplication technology, some are beginning to worry about the proliferation of secondary disks. Could global data deduplication deliver more efficiency across large amounts of data?

  • Premiered: 03/07/11
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchDataBackup.com
Topic(s): TBA Dedupe TBA Deduplication TBA PSO

StorSimple – Storing data the right way

In this Taneja Group Technology Validation exercise, we put an innovative new array to the test to see just what was possible when a vendor stretches their wings and takes on much more than another version of storage done the same old way.

The vendor in this case is StorSimple, and what they propose is that a single storage system can do everything, while doing it more cost effectively, and with almost zero footprint in the data center. While that may sound like an almost unbelievable set of capabilities on the surface, what StorSimple has done is integrate cloud storage over the Internet behind a primary storage array for a truly unique set of capabilities. By coupling the two together, StorSimple unlocks infinite storage capacity, a small form factor, utter simplicity, and the tools to automatically protect data in place, forever. We anticipate this will hit home with a lot of customers – no more migration, no more backup, and built in DR finally makes storage seem like a technology that matches the needs of today’s business.

Join us in this Technology Validation report as we see if StorSimple’s promises hold true, and just what those promises look poised to do for today’s data center.

Publish date: 07/19/11

Quantum Unveils Tape, Dedupe Products to Ease Data Protection Headaches

Rapidly growing data volumes and the difficulty of archiving and accessing them are the challenges at the heart of data protection and big data management. San Jose-based data protection specialist Quantum believes three new products it released this week are the answer.

  • Premiered: 11/17/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: InfoStor
Topic(s): TBA Quantum TBA Dedupe TBA Data protection TBA Tape

HP shows off filer and dedupe monsters in Vienna

HP used its Discover event in Vienna to both broaden and deepen its core storage portfolio, strengthening its file and deduplication offerings to compete better with EMC and NetApp.

  • Premiered: 11/30/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: The Register
Topic(s): TBA HP TBA Dedupe

The HP Storage Portfolio – Building the Foundation for the Virtualized Infrastructure

Over the past couple of years, HP has executed an impressive number of storage acquisitions, and is systematically innovating around each of three key technologies – HP 3PAR, P4000, and their deduplicating StoreOnce. Perhaps nowhere are the synergies more clear than among the virtual infrastructure. In this Opinion, we’ll turn a critical eye toward these synergies, and render the Taneja Group perspective on whether HP is on the right path. 

Publish date: 08/29/11

Dedupe for Backup and Beyond

It may seem like deduplication is old hat for enterprises pushing toward virtual and cloud environments. But while the technology may be firmly established, deployment and configuration issues remain very much unsettled.

  • Premiered: 12/21/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: ITBusinessEdge.com
Topic(s): TBA Dedupe TBA Backup

Turn the HDD shortage into a strategic opportunity

With hard disk drive (HDD) prices rising and some models tough to find, there are steps to take to reduce your dependence on hard drives while gaining other benefits along the way.

  • Premiered: 04/06/12
  • Author: Arun Taneja
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchStorage.com April 2012 Edition
Topic(s): TBA HDD TBA Hard Disk Drive TBA Archive TBA Dedupe TBA Arun Taneja
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FalconStor Dedupe Redux

FalconStor's VTL could already flexibly dedupe at the current and post positions. Now VTL 7.5 has added inline capabilities to serve all three deduplication choices.

  • Premiered: 05/09/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): dedup Dedupe Deduplication FalconStor VTL 7.5
news / Blog

SEPATON is the First Vendor to Deliver Dedupe for Multi-streamed and Multi-plexed DBs

SEPATON Cuts Cost and Complexity of Backing up Oracle & SQL Data by Becoming the First Vendor to Deliver Deduplication for Multi-streamed, Multiplexed Databases


EMC Data Domain Extended Retention Software: Meeting Needs for Long-Term Retention of Backup....

EMC Data Domain Extended Retention Software: Meeting Needs for Long-Term Retention of Backup Data on EMC Data Domain Systems

EMC extends EMC Data Domain systems with DD Extended Retention software to fulfill short-term and long-term backup storage needs by combining multiple tiers in a single appliance. This software addresses many of the challenges organizations are struggling with as they balance backup retention requirements with long-term recoverability.

Publish date: 05/21/12

Astute Networks improves ViSX G4 VM storage box with speed, dedupe

Astute Networks Inc. today said it will deliver its next-generation flash storage systems designed to speed performance of storage for virtual machines and virtual desktops.

  • Premiered: 08/20/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechTarget: SearchVirtualStorage.com
Topic(s): TBA Astute Networks TBA ViSX TBA VM TBA Flash TBA SSD TBA Virtual Machine TBA virtual desktop TBA VDI TBA Dedupe

What's the future of data storage in 2016?

Mike Matchett takes a closer look at the future of data storage technology in 2016 based on research from the Taneja Group.

  • Premiered: 01/06/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
  • Published: TechTarget: Search Storage
Topic(s): TBA Storage TBA Data Storage TBA software-defined TBA Flash TBA SSD TBA Performance TBA Density TBA all-flash TBA all flash array TBA AFA TBA Hybrid TBA Hybrid Array TBA hybrid storage TBA OPEX TBA Auto-Tiering TBA Optimization TBA Capacity TBA CAPEX TBA QoS TBA EMC TBA Dell TBA HPE TBA NetApp TBA IBM TBA NAS TBA 3PAR TBA StoreOnce TBA data protector TBA Oracle TBA ZDLRA

Virtual Instruments WorkloadCentral: Free Cloud-Based Resource for Understanding Workload Behavior

Virtual Instruments, the company created by the combination of the original Virtual Instruments and Load DynamiX, recently made available a free cloud-based service and community called WorkloadCentral. The service is designed to help storage professionals understand workload behavior and improve their knowledge of storage performance. Most will find valuable insights into storage performance with the simple use of this free service. For those who want to get a deeper understanding of workload behavior over time, or evaluate different storage products to determine which one is right for their specific application environment, or optimize their storage configurations for maximum efficiency, they can buy additional Load DynamiX Enterprise products available from the company.
The intent with WorkloadCentral is to create a web-based community that can share information about a variety of application workloads, perform workload analysis and create workload simulations. In an industry where workload sharing has been almost absent, this service will be well received by storage developers and IT users alike.
Read on to understand where WorkloadCentral fits into the overall application and storage performance spectrum...

Publish date: 05/26/16