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Better Together: Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments with Dell’s EqualLogic Integration Tools Login

Better Together: Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments with Dell’s EqualLogic Integration Tools

In our view, VMware-based virtual server environments and the storage platforms that support them have evolved from the rapid growth phase of the last decade into a critical optimization phase. The drive so far had been cost containment. But now vSphere platform and the surrounding ecosystem have matured to the point where virtualization actually improves resiliency and agility. Therefore the organizations are starting to virtualize critical applications, desktops and even build flexible cloud environments.

This translates to an increasing demand for virtual server and storage solutions that are more tightly integrated with one another, deliver higher performance with greater resiliency, and are easier to provision, optimize, and protect. Storage today must compliment virtualization—not complicate it. VMware customers should take advantage of this transition phase to take stock of their virtualized assets—both server and storage—and identify any storage-related performance issues, single points of failure, and redundant tools and processes. With this knowledge in hand, we recommend investigating VMware’s latest platform release, vSphere 5.0, and the storage and data protection features that have been added or enhanced.

In this Brief, we call out some storage-related highlights of vSphere 5.0, and then take a close look at how they have been enhanced and packaged by Dell into the EqualLogic PS Series storage solution. We’ll show how Dell and VMware have combined forces to deliver an enterprise-class virtual server and storage environment that is highly optimized and directly addresses the performance, availabil-ity, data protection and complexity challenges common in today’s business-critical virtualized data centers.


Dell has made this paper available for free download:

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Publish date: 09/26/12

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