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CTERA 5.0 Cloud Gateway Embeds File Sync and Share Services

CTERA this week announced their 5.0 cloud gateway, which presents a compelling convergence play of distributed cloud-backed NAS, integral backup services, and now natively built-in enterprise-wide file syncing and sharing services and interfaces. Yep, end users get a fully secured endless NAS, local backup/restore to their files, and the global file and document collaboration they otherwise go around IT by using insecure public services. This really helps organizations address the broader trend toward the end-user driven"consumerization of IT”....

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  • Premiered: 05/14/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): CTERA EFSS cloud gateway File Sync and Share Backup NAS
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

EMC Releases ViPR into the Wild - Storage Controllers for Everyone!

At EMC World 2015 this year EMC made a bunch of announcements, but one of the most discussed, and causing the most head-scratching, was the open sourcing of their ViPR storage controller as the new Project CoprHD. Why would EMC give away the core automation component to their much bandied about “Platform 3” strategy?

According to the new projects FAQ - Making ViPR Controller available as the CoprHD project in the open source community allows customers, partners, service providers, systems integrators and even other storage vendors to download, expand and contribute to ViPR Controller’s breadth and depth of features and functions.

Some are of course judiciously skeptical. This is EMC’s first foray into open source. One cynic suggested that open sourcing was the best way to kill off an unwanted product…

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  • Premiered: 05/14/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): EMC ViPR CoprHD OpenStack SDS
Taneja Blog / Virtualization / Systems and Technology

EMC dramatically expands HyperConverged offerings with VxRack.

With its VCE VxRack announcement this week at EMC World, EMC is fully validating and expanding the HyperConverged category of infrastructure.

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Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

Storage Performance Remains in the Spotlight for a Majority of Enterprises

Taneja Group’s latest research reveals that the growing demand for storage performance is outpacing the deployment of acceleration solutions.

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  • Premiered: 04/14/15
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Flash Storage End User Research
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology / Big Data

Data Awareness and Operational Intelligence - IT Can Step Up By Automatically Adding Value to Data

This is a big title deserving a full blown report, maybe even evolving market landscape research, but here are a few teasers to get your juices flowing -
1. IT should be constantly striving to provide more value and return back to the business
2. Data is too valuable to just persist, protect, backup, and archive.  ...

What if IT could deploy a “data service” that auto-magically on ingest turned all kinds of data into a big coherent linked data set?  A giant Facebook for the business and all it’s data entitites? With that service, business users and operationally focused apps could immediately query across all data (think data lake and externally linked in data too), not looking for specific records as in SQL or certain terms as in search (although these are powerful paradigms too), but to find inherent patterns and relationships between business objects and entities.

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  • Premiered: 03/26/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Reltio Saffron graph theory Operational Intelligence
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

Massive IOPS with Drops In Price-Performance - Early 2015 SPC-2 Standings

There is something quite interesting happening on the SPC-2 top 10 results page. Right now, HP (with XP7) and Kaminario, a hot all-flash solution, are leading the performance list. But the next three entries belong to Oracle’s ZFS Storage ZS3 and ZS4 lineup. And when you scroll down a bit, the biggest surprise is that the top 10 price/performance storage leader is now Oracle! ... when you start to dig into the Oracle ZS series, you find a number of really attractive built-in features and capabilities including auto-tiering, multi-tenancy, and automated QoS…

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  • Premiered: 03/18/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Oracle ZFS SPC-2
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