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Our Differentiation

Our Promise to the Industry

Our primary differentiation comes from our basic philosophy that analysis of the industry is only meaningful if done by individuals and teams that have deep operational experience in the industry. The analyst industry is made up of too many people that have little operational background. We are a boutique analyst/consulting firm made up entirely of individuals that have formulated strategy and implemented it successfully, started or managed technology companies, run marketing and/or engineering operations, brought products to life, conducted migrations from one technology to the next, and taken companies through the process of an IPO or a merger. For all senior analysts and consultants deep operational experience is a pre-requisite here. The other aspect that makes us unique is the fact that all our principals are steeped in technology and know how to convert technology to business. Here you will not find a cadre of sales people (who have figured out how to write), like you do in other analyst firms. Neither will you find financial folks doing industry forecasts. Our analysts do create market numbers but they are not financial analysts; they are technologists with serious business backgrounds.

All our analyses and consulting reports have an operational flavor to them. Our market forecasts are designed for our clients to make real-life decisions that impact them everyday. The other aspect of our differentiation is that our analysts are encouraged to speak their mind, both in our publications and in our dealings with clients and the press. If you are looking for a rubber-stamping of your strategy, no matter what it is, there are other analyst firms that can deliver for you. You come to us when you want to see it like IT—the ultimate buyer—sees it. To enable this, our analysts spend a lot of time with IT personnel, either conducting surveys or having one-on-one discussions to validate concepts and to determine which products are delivering on the promise made by the vendor. All our publications reflect this end-user bias.

A Message from Arun Taneja

The Taneja Group is dedicated to delivering analyses and opinions that are unbiased, hype-free, and responsible. As the founder of the Taneja Group, that is my promise to the storage and server industry.

I have long thought that the storage and server industry is highly under-served by the analyst community. There is simply too much hype out there—too much emphasis on dramatic statements that get attention in the press but do nothing for IT End Users, Technology Vendors, or Venture Capitalists.

When IT faces reduced budgets and increased workloads— When money is tight and the pressure to deliver is higher than ever— When times are tough all around—

More than ever IT End Users need practical, useful advice. They need responsible evaluations about when certain technologies will become available, which technologies will solve their issues (or at least reduce their pain level), and which vendors are likely to deliver.

More than ever Technology Vendors need realistic answers on what the end users’ real needs are, what they are willing to pay for, when technologies for their own success will become available, how fast they should ramp up, and which OEMs are most likely to be interested in their technologies.

More than ever Venture Capitalists want technology assessment done by someone with hands-on experience in the industry, someone with solid technology and business credentials. They need straight, honest answers about the market potential of disruptive technologies and they need an unbiased evaluation of the competitive landscape. Venture Capitalists need to know if they’re about to invest in a company with pretenses of a large market and perfect timing. They want someone to guide them through the technology minefield.

Each group is looking for unbiased assessments, conducted by professionals who have years of end user/vendor experience. They want professionals who have not just read about technology transitions, but have experienced them first hand—actually maneuvered through them (maybe even caused some). They need professionals who can quickly cut through the “tech talk” and determine what is important.

Each of these storage and server industry communities can find what they are looking for at Taneja Group.

Arun Taneja
Consulting Analyst and Founder

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